Live for Speed S2

Live for Speed S2

Live for Speed is one of the best racing simulators in the market
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One can tell that the developers of Live for Speed are really serious about racing. Just a couple of laps in this racing simulator and you will notice the amount of detail it has and of course, the driving physics. This game has no arcade, no aids; its just you, the steering wheel and the tarmac. The S2 version is the next development in the evolution of the game. It provides even more accurate physics depending on the vehicle you are driving. It has dynamic camber simulation, tire physics and a great damage model has been introduced.
The AI of the game is really good and it will give you a run for your money, but if you get bored of playing alone you can join one of several racing servers and prove your fellow drivers who is the fastest.
The S2 version comes as a demo, however in order to unlock the full license you have to pay around $33 dollars. If you are a racing fan, then that amount of money is very acceptable for the amount of fun you are going to get from this game. Want to sharpen your driving skills? Get LFS now.

Ismael Mireles
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